Porto Declaration on cancer research

EORTC will facilitate cancer clinical trials, says the Porto Declaration on Cancer Research

EORTC Director General Dr Denis Lacombe spoke on “Quality assurance of clinical trial structures: harmonisation of technical requirements to support multinational institutional collaborations in next-generation clinical trials” at the European Cancer Research Summit held in Porto, Portugal, and also on-line, on Monday 3 May. The aim of the Summit was to promote discussion on clinical research on oncology at European level, focusing on the role of translational, clinical and prevention trials and outcomes research infrastructures, as well as transatlantic co-operation. It is intended to boost European collaborative research and innovation networks in health within the new ‘Europe Beating Cancer’ plan and the Cancer Mission.

A declaration* issued following the summit made specific mention of the role of EORTC in developing such infrastructure. ‘Proof-of-concept’ studies may serve as a starting point for further clinical and prevention research, with a practice-changing aim, including the assessment of its utility in healthcare or prevention, patients´/individuals ‘at risk, cure/survival and health-related quality of life. Well-developed clinical trial structures, and advanced diagnostic methods such as state-of-the-art molecular pathology, omics technologies, and pharmacology to stratify patients as well as innovative imaging are crucial. Comprehensive Cancer Centres can play a role in this together with clinical research networks. The European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) can facilitate this.”

“We are delighted that the important contribution of EORTC to international academic collaborative research has been recognized in this way,” says Dr Lacombe. “We look forward to continuing to provide the framework for ground-breaking studies and to making a real difference to the lives of cancer patients.”

* The declaration is open for signature at http://ipoporto.pt/en/evento/european-cancer-research-summit-2021/

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