Prof. Dr. A (Ton) Hagenbeek

Prof. Dr. A (Ton) Hagenbeek (1948 – 2021)

Professor of Hematology, Academic Medical Center (AMC) , Dept. of Hematology , University of Amsterdam.

Today, the international community has lost a true leader in the field of hematology. Prof. Hagenbeek has touched and inspired many doctors and scientists in carrying out the best cancer care and research for patients. His boundless enthusiasm and commitment have helped many organisations to drive new innovations in cancer care.

It is with great sadness that we learn the death of Professor Hagenbeek. EORTC has lost a major contributor to its scientific agenda and a peer. Professor Hagenbeek has been leading many EORTC studies in the field of lymphoma research which have made a difference for patients, as well as acting as a true leader for the EORTC Lymphoma group. His vision and dedication to hematology, collaborating across the world, positioned him as a pioneer in clinical research already in the years 80s.

We will remember Professor Hagenbeek as a generous, passionate and talented scientist, doctor and clinical investigator, always going the extra mile, pushing relentlessly the boundaries of therapeutic progress for cancer patients.

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