EORTC Group of Patient Partners

EORTC Group of Patient Partners

The Group of Patient Partners is one of EORTC initiatives which primarily aims to:

  • improve the quality and relevance of the EORTC research and make it truly patient-centred;
  • eliminate research proposals that might not be relevant for patients;
  • foster partnership between patients and oncologists/researchers
  • ensure the language of patient information sheets to be plain and comprehensive for patients, their families, and caregivers.

Become an EORTC Patient Partner

If you would like to join this group and contribute your ideas to
the cancer research conducted by EORTC

Independent Data Monitoring Committee (IDMC)

Since our goal is to enhance patient involvement across all facets of cancer clinical research conducted by EORTC, our newest initiative is to appoint a patient representative as a member of the Independent Data Monitoring Committee

IDMC is an independent body aiming to evaluate the accumulating data during the course of clinical trials, assure that the risk-benefit ratio is maintained, and make recommendations on modifications or even early termination of the study. Since the duty of this committee is to ensure the safety of patients and scientific integrity of the trials, we believe it would be invaluable to have patient representatives on board.

Patients’ perspectives can help us understand whether:

  • scientific value of the trial is sufficient,
  • participation in the trial is feasible for patients, and whether the investigated therapy
    brings important (positive or negative) changes for patients.
Training for patients - Illustration