Role of the Patient Panel

EORTC Patient Panel is an advisory board of independent patient advocates, former patients and caregivers of different age, gender and with different personal experiences.

Its main objective is to provide a voice of lived experience of cancer to EORTC and help the organisation enhance patient involvement in different facets of its cancer clinical research.

If you would like to express your interest in a certain Group, please click on “JOIN US” and complete a short form.

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Patient Panel member

  • is a patient / caregiver / patient advocate

  • has a lived experience of cancer

  • understands or has experience with clinical trials

  • is a member of an EORTC Group or Task force and is actively involved in its research activities

Your role in Groups, Task Forces

  • Guide researchers on how to involve patient
    partners at different trial stages

  • Attend Group meetings
    (depending on your group)

  • Review study documents

  • Mentor other patient partners

Collaboration with EORTC HQ

  • Advice on patient involvement strategy

  • Advice on the format & content of EORTC communication with lay audience

  • Co-develop templates of patient information sheet / informed consent

  • Co-develop program for training courses for lay audience

  • Speak at webinars and other relevant events

Dave Chuter - Chair
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It is an honour and privilege to be invited to chair the EORTC Patient Panel.
I have been involved with research as a patient advocate for a number of years working with many different organisations and feel this experience will be crucial for the role especially with networking and forming connections to enhance the collaboration between patients and scientific and clinical researchers as a partnership in all research.

The incredibly experienced voices of the Patient Panel members do help researchers to ensure patients are not only at the heart of research but as the equal partner right from the conception and design of all research.


Dave Chuter

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Ana Amariutei - Vice-Chair

Ana Amariutei

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Roger Willson - Chair Emertus

Roger Wilson
Chair Emeritus

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