• San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium

    Major EORTC trial presented at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium: 10-year follow-up of AMAROS shows benefits for post-operative radiotherapy to the axilla in patients with a tumour-positive sentinel node

  • Breast Cancer

    Irradiating chest lymph nodes in patients with early stage breast cancer improves survival from the disease without increasing side effects

  • EBCC Mindact Presentation

    Many women with early breast cancer have a very low risk of a locoregional recurrence five years after surgery

  • European Breast Cancer Conference

    News from European Breast Cancer Conference

  • European Breast Cancer Conference 2018

    EORTC presents at the European Breast Cancer Conference (EBCC-11)

  • Elderly Cancer

    Soft chemotherapy is very effective in older patients when added to targeted treatment in an aggressive breast cancer subtype

  • Male Breast cancer

    PRESS RELEASE: 1 out of 3 men with breast cancer does not receive adequate treatment

  • San Antonio Symposium Breast cancer

    EORTC presents at San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium