The EORTC Genito Urinary Cancers Group (GUCG) concentrates on clinical research for prostate cancer. It also takes an interest in rarer diseases and biomarker-driven research.

Main Achievements

  • Effectively recruited participants for the TIGER study, the single most relevant ongoing study in testicular cancer. Without EORTC efforts, recruitment would be insufficient. The randomised trial targets relapsed germ cell cancer comparing standard TIP chemotherapy to high dose chemotherapy in collaboration with ALLIANCE.
  • Achieved 75% recruitment in the PEACE1 phase III trial on the combination of Radium223 plus enzalutamide. Study to assess if the combination improves radiological progression-free survival compared to enzalutamide single agent in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic castration resistant prostate cancer patients metastatic to bone.
  • Published a practice-changing recommendation to mandate the use of bone protecting agents when administering the combination studied in the PEACE trial. This should help to decrease the fracture rate for patients.

EORTC’s work in Genito-Urinary cancers has led to major standard of care improvements which have been incorporated into the European Association of Urology’s treatment guidelines.

One study established the superiority of Bacillus Calmette-Guerin over chemotherapy in the treatment of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Another study demonstrated that early androgen deprivation in prostate cancer significantly increased overall survival, and that 30% of patients do not need any treatment.

Related Projects

EORTC collaborates on several ongoing intergroup trials in Genito-Urinary cancers, such as:

  • 1201-GUCG-ROG (GETUG-AFU 21/ PEACE 1, led by Unicancer) “A prospective randomised phase III study of androgen deprivation therapy with or without local radiotherapy with or without abiraterone acetate and prednisone in patient with metastatic hormone-naive prostate cancer”
  • 1333-GUCG (PEACE 3) “A randomised multicenter phase III trial comparing enzalutamide vs. a combination of Ra223 and enzalutamide in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic castration resistant prostate cancer patients metastatic to bone.”
  • 1407-GUCG (A031102/ TIGER led by Alliance, NCI) “A randomised phase III trial comparing conventional-dose chemotherapy using paclitaxel, ifosfamide, and cisplatin (TIP) with high dose chemotherapy using mobilising paclitaxel followed by high-dose carboplatin and etoposide (TI-CE) as first salvage treatment in relapsed or refractory germ cell tumours (TIGER).”
  • 1414-ROG-GUCG “Phase IIIb randomised trial comparing irradiation plus long term adjuvant androgen deprivation with GnRH antagonist versus GnRH agonist plus flare protection in patients with very high risk localised or locally advanced prostate cancer. A joint study of the EORTC ROG and GUCG”
  • 1532-GUCG “A phase 2 oandomized open-label study of oral ODM-201 vs. androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) with LHRH agonists or antagonist in men with hormone naive prostate cancer”
  • 1545-GUCG (ANZUP 13-03, Cancer Trials Ireland 1407/ ENZARAD led by ANZUP) “Randomised phase 3 trial of enzalutamide in first line androgen deprivation therapy for metastatic prostate cancer: EnzaRAD”
  • IGCCCG 2: Update of IGCCCG criteria: Project leaders: Silke Gillessen, Jörg Beyer, Laurence Collette (link to biblio or if not to pubmed)

European Reference Networks (ERN) for rare solid tumours (EURACAN). EURACAN is involving references centers in Europe covering ten types of rare cancers. EURACAN will improve patient cares and facilitate research in rare cancers.  EORTC is providing the clinical research infrastructure. (No website available yet)

Research Group

Group documents
  • Chair

    Jose Pablo Maroto

    Hospital De La Santa Creu I Sant Pau

    Barcelone, Spain

  • Treasurer

    Jan Oldenburg

    Akershus University Hospital

    Lorenskog, Norway

Liaison Officers

  • P. Lara Carla Jimenez - Las Palmas , ES


    Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Doctor Negrin

  • M. Spahn - Bern, CH

    Quality Assurance (QA) sub-committee


  • Y. Loriot - Villejuif, FR

    Translational Research and Pathology (TR) sub-committee

    Gustave Roussy

  • M. Spahn - Bern, CH

    Quality Assurance (QA) sub-committee


  • T. Roumeguere - Brussels, BE

    Quality of Life and Survivorship

    Hopitaux Universitaires Bordet-Erasme
    Hopital Universitaire Erasme

  • P. Ost - Ghent, BE

    Imaging Sub-committee

    Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent

  • G. Daugaard - Copenhagen , BE

    SPECTA liaison


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