Medical imaging is a key component of clinical trials in oncology for patient selection and stratification, workflow management, planning therapy, monitoring response (including in vivo pharmaco-dynamic and -kinetic drug behaviour) and follow-up. EORTC’s multidisciplinary imaging research promotes the scientific and clinical value of imaging across modalities by spearheading the use of advanced techniques including translatable quantitative biomarkers, radiomic analyses and artificial intelligence to interrogate biologically-driven questions. Specialist interests also include successful delivery of immunotherapy and image-guided treatment (theranostics). These aims are achieved through expertise across all relevant imaging disciplines with direct links to EORTC’s disease-oriented groups.

Related Projects

  • IMI QuIC-ConCePT – Quantitative Imaging in Cancer: Connecting Cellular Processes with Therapy. The EORTC is coordinating the project. QuIC-ConCePT aims to provide drug developers with imaging biomarkers that can show earlier and more accurately how patients’ tumors respond to drugs in cancer clinical trials. Imaging biomarkers are being tested within series of clinical validation studies including the trial EORTC-1217-IG-LCG “Evaluation of 3′-deoxy-3′-[18F]fluorothymidine -PET and diffusion weighted imaging -MRI in patients with early stage non-small cell lung cancer treated with a platinum-based doublet as preoperative chemotherapy” and Trial EORTC-1423-IG-GITCG “Evaluation of diffusion weighted imaging -MRI in patients with resectable liver metastases from colorectal cancer treated with fluoropyrimidine-based chemotherapy as preoperative treatment”.
  • IMI2 Tristan – Imaging Biomarkers for Safer Drugs: Validation of Translational Imaging Methods in Drug Safety Assessment. The EORTC is coordinating the project.  The 5-year project will focus on validation of translational imaging methods as potential imaging biomarkers for  the assessment of liver toxicity, lung toxicity and the bio-distribution of biologics. (No website available yet)
  • EORTC RP 1106: A three-step study on the feasibility and prognostic value of rCBV in patients with GBM.
    (project leader: M. Smits) Three steps project:

    • Technical evaluation of acquisition a standardized protocol, centralized data storage, quality assurance.
    • Compare quantification to select and test post-processing tools, to standardize methodology for rCBV measurements and to assess inter- and intra- reader variability.
    • Prognostic value of rCBV to predict patient outcome.
      A publication on repeatability and reproducibility of relative cerebral blood volume measurement in recurrent glioma will be submitted soon.
  • EORTC RP 1547 (PICRIB): Platform for imaging in clinical research in Brussels
    (project leader: J. Vandemeulebroucke)
    PICRIB is a clinical imaging platform that will enable the interoperability of the Brussels university hospitals and facilitate the patient mobility. EORTC is the WP7 lead, and provides guidance regarding standards applicable for imaging used in clinical trial e.g. images acquisition and interpretation, inter-institution quality assurance/ quality control.

Research Group

Group documents
  • Chair

    Christophe Deroose

    U.Z. Leuven

    Leuven, Belgium

  • Secretary

    Lioe-fee de geus-oei

    Leiden University Medical Centre

    Leiden, Netherlands

  • Treasurer

    Caroline Caramella

    Gustave Roussy

    Villejuif, France

Additional People

  • L. Bidaut - Lincoln, GB

    Chair of Radiomics subcommittee

    University of Lincoln

  • C. Caramella - Villejuif, FR

    Chair of imaging for immunotherapy subcommittee

    Gustave Roussy

  • D. Oprea-Lager - Amsterdam, NL

    Chair of Bone- and Oligomets subcommittee

    Amsterdam University Medical Centres (Location VUmc)

  • F. Lecouvet - Brussels, BE

    Joint Chair of Bone- and Oligomets subcommittee

    Cliniques Universitaires Saint-Luc

  • N. Aide - Caen, FR

    Chair of QA subcommittee

    CHU de Caen - Hopital Cote de Nacre

  • E. Lopci - Milan, IT


    Humanitas Clinical and Research Hospital