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EORTC has a strong track record in initiating and conducting radiotherapy-based clinical trials across disease types. This follows the organisation’s strategy to challenge, re-define and develop standards of care for loco-regional treatments. Our scientific projects are designed and conducted to integrate disciplines such as imaging, translational research, quality of life and quality assurance.

The Radiation Oncology Science Council (ROSC) was created as a think tank to stimulate exchanges among the EORTC Disease-Oriented Groups network and to identify new areas of research in radiation therapy. The ROSC benefits of the contribution of members of the European SocieTy for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO), as well as representatives from the physics and RTT professions, ensuring the link with the larger radiation oncology community.
It actively promotes radiation therapy both within the EORTC and beyond, and acts as a reference for radiotherapy (RT) for the EORTC. It will identify and define radiation oncology research questions and support ongoing EORTC activity in the field of radiation therapy. It will represent the EORTC when called upon to encourage the development and implementation of RT initiatives both nationally and internationally.

In addition, EORTC runs an extensive Radiotherapy Quality Assurance programme (RTQA) to ensure the consistency and reliability of imaging data across all EORTC clinical trials involving radiotherapy.

Recruiting Clinical Trials

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Main Achievements

EORTC research in the field of radiation oncology has resulted in many advances in the discipline and in treating certain cancers, notably:

Major improvement in overall survival for locally-advanced prostate cancer by combining radiation with three years of androgen suppression.

Reducing the risk for symptomatic brain metastases in small cell lung cancer with prophylactic cranial irradiation.

Reduced risk of relapse in early breast cancer with an additional dose of radiotherapy.

The definition of a contemporary Quality Assurance benchmark for radiation trials.

The establishment of technical guidelines to define irradiation volumes in several cancers.

Established preoperative chemoradiation as the new standard of care for the treatment of locally-advanced, resectable rectal cancer.

ROSC - Chair

Full members list
  • Chair

    Piet Ost

    Universitair Ziekenhuis Gent

    Ghent, Belgium

RTQA Structure - Team Members

  • N. Andratschke - Zurich, CH

    RTQA Clinical Chair

    UniversitaetsSpital Zurich

  • N. Reynaert - Brussels, BE

    RTQA Physics Chair

    Institut Jules Bordet-Hopital Universitaire ULB

  • E. Clementel - Brussels, BE

    HQ RTQA Manager

    EORTC Headquarters

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