Infectious diseases


Infections can be a significant problem for patients undergoing treatment for cancer. Research conducted by EORTC in Infectious Diseases aims to improve our understanding and management of such infectious complications.

Main Achievements

EORTC studies in infectious diseases dramatically changed the outcome for patients by significantly decreasing mortality due to septicemia.

They include:

  • A landmark study comparing three antibiotic treatments for fever during neutropenia and presumed infection. The trial found an association with shock, temperature measure, and granulocyte and platelet counts at the onset of fever and gram-negative bacteremia.
  • A large international trial which established voriconazole as the standard of treatment for proven and probable aspergillosis.

An EORTC study established definitions of invasive fungal disease in cancer patients, which has helped advance epidemiological, diagnostic and clinical research.

Our research has also helped improve the management of infections in cancer patients by better identifying risks and evaluating different treatment strategies.

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